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Sports Massage - New Patient Offer

Get a 45 minute deep tissue/sports massage and advice for only £48!  Book today to increase your performance!

Our sports massage is delivered by Sheena Harper, her excellent knowledge of anatomy & biomechanics, coupled with over 12 years experience mean that her treatments really get to the area that is giving you trouble. What you will get in your first appointment:

  A full review of your symptoms.

 A thorough assessment of the problem.

  A 45 minute deep tissue/sports massage.

 Advice on aftercare/recovery or preparation for sports event (if needed).


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If you are feeling the effects of a heavy physical training schedule or feeling "knotted up" with stress then a deep tissue massage will help you feel more energised and like your old self! See how others have benefited form Sheena's 45 minute deep tissue/sports massage. 

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Central Bath Location

Align Body Clinic

29 James St W



The nearest Car Park is the Charlotte Street Car Park and the

bus from Newbridge Park & Ride stops just outside the clinic.


 Our Practitioner

Sheena Harper, M.Ost

Sheena Harper registered osteopath Bath

Registered osteopath
Medical Acupuncturist

Sports Masseuse

Sheena not only has a Master’s degree in Osteopathy, she is a qualified practitioner of Western Medical Acupuncture, a highly effective method of pain management.

This mix of disciplines enables her to help people of all ages with a wide range of ailments and injuries.

Sheena takes a friendly but focused approach to getting her patients pain-free.

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Why Sports Massage?

Sports massage increases range of movement, increases flexibility and relieves muscle soreness and tension. It assists in injury prevention and promotes faster recovery from training, competition and injury.  The top reasons that people seek out our expert deep tissue sport massages are;

Tight and stiff shoulders and neck.

Stiff low back

Sore calves from over training

Tight hips and hamstrings

It is tempting to think that sports massage is only for people who play sports, and although many people who play sport get regular deep tissue massage the body’s soft tissues can become stiff and tight simply through repetitive daily activities such as prolonged computer use, driving or standing at work. The main benefits of expert deep tissue sport massages are;

 Relax aching muscles

 Reduce tension and increase flexibility

 Helps recoverypreparation for sport or exercise

 Reduce stress

Our Patient Feedback 

Whether you’ve only just started having pain or are a long-term sufferer, we can help, lots of our patients have benefited from our combination of hands on treatment and prescriptive exercise. You’ll be surprised at how much difference we can make. So, don’t put up with it for any longer, book an appointment to get on the road to recovery! 





















Book today to get on the road to recovery! 

 CALL 01225 571084