Leg & Ankle Pain

Ankle pain  treatment osteopath BathAre you Suffering from Ankle, Shin or Leg Pain?

Legs and ankles do so much for us yet rarely get noticed. But when they do begin to cause pain they can make it hard to have a comfortable and productive day. People of all ages can experience hip, knee and ankle pain, and it can be caused by arthritis or simply by overuse. If you play a lot of sport, you may be prone to conditions such as sciatica, which is a type of pain that starts in the back or the hip and is felt all through the leg and into the foot.

Ankles and feet are very complex sets of muscles bones and joints. They have to support your entire weight throughout your life, so they will take quite a lot of strain before they protest.

But when they do, they can produce painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis and cramps and repeated ankle sprains can lead to pain and tightness in the calf muscles or feet.

How Can an Osteopath Help?

We have been treating people with pain in these areas for many years, so can give an expert opinion on how best to treat your particular problem. We will help you get back to doing what you enjoy, whether that's walking the dog or running a marathon!


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Our Practitioners

Here at Align Body Clinic in Bath we have a wealth of experience with all manner of symptoms.

Jay Ruddock
M.Ost, BA(hons), Dip PT

Jay Ruddock registered osteopath Bath


Sheena Harper

Sheena Harper registered osteopath Bath

Registered osteopath
Advanced practitioner of Structural Integration

Jay is an award winning osteopath who uses a unique mix of techniques from osteopathy, structural integration and exercise, his talented touch can work wonders on your pain and discomfort.

His easy going manner ensures you can relax as he eases those joints in ways you never thought possible.

As well as treating people Jay is an occasional lecturer at schools across the UK and sits on the south west NHS Research Ethics Committee.



Registered osteopath
Medical Acupuncturist

Sheena not only has a Master’s degree in Osteopathy, she is a qualified practitioner of Western Medical Acupuncture, a highly effective method of pain management.

This mix of disciplines enables her to help people of all ages with a wide range of ailments and injuries.

Sheena takes a friendly but focused approach to getting her patients pain-free.


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Whether you've only just started having ankle or leg pain, or you are a long-term sufferer, we can help, lots of our patients have benefited from our combination of hands on treatment and prescriptive exercise. You'll be surprised at how much difference we can make to your pain. So, don't put up with it for any longer, contact us today to make an appointment. Tel: 01225 571084.

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