Jay Ruddock M.Ost, BA (Hons), Dip PT

Registered Osteopath and Advanced Practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Jay Ruddock registered osteopath BathAs a sporty youngster Jay was amazed by the significant changes it's possible to make in your body by altering how you use and care for it.

This led him to choose health as his career and he took a degree in sport, health and physical education at Bangor University. Jay's aim is to help people change their body so it serves them better.

2003: With a Premier Training Diploma in Personal Training, Jay set up Align Body Clinic to help people change for the better through exercise. Using his own experience of injury, he discovered the effects of Structural Integration and saw how it can change how the body functions and moves.

2005: Takes his skills to Colorado, Jay became an Structural Integration practitioner, progressing to be an advanced practitioner in 2007.

2011: Back in the UK, Jay graduates from the London School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy winning the Dean's Prize for Excellence.

2013: Appointed to the south west NHS Research Ethics Committee.

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2014: Now facilitates training courses for the Research Ethics Service and is an article reviewer for the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

2016: Part of a research team that published a systematic review of trials investigating spinal manipulation in the treatment of low back pain.

Present: Jay owns and manages a busy, thriving practice, teaches at schools across the UK, and is well known in Bath for his "magical" touch.

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