Exercise for hip and knee osteoarthritis

As well as seeing patients, our osteopath Jay Ruddock is also involved in helping produce evidence summaries to help guide osteopaths towards best practice.  Some of you may remember that in 2016 he was part of a team that published a full systematic review looking at spinal manipulation for the treatment of low back pain.  Now he has produced an evidence based guideline examining what exercise is of most benefit to people suffering pain in the knees and hips due to osteoarthritis.  The main findings of the article are below, however if you want to read the full article you can find it here. 

Main findings;

  • There is strong evidence suggesting that exercise in general can help patients manage the pain of hip and knee osteoarthritis.  Nearly any exercise will help if performed regularly.
  • Appropriate exercise can be prescribed and produce benefits irrespective of age, pain level, and disability.
  • The best type of exercise is defined as one which a person is likely to adhere to, this means a person's preference, access to facilities and enjoyment of the activity are all important.

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