How can we Help?

Our osteopaths in Bath can help you

How’s your body feeling?

Could be better?  Feeling its age? Coping?

Or has an injury stopped you from enjoying life as it was?

It really doesn’t have to be like that. The truth is we put up with pain too easily, we accept it as a consequence of lifestyle and age, and we just don’t have to.  Our experienced, professional osteopaths are ready to help you;

  • Get rid of most body pain
  • Restore pain free movement
  • Keep enjoying your activities, sports and hobbies
  • Pack up the painkillers

What’s not to do? We guarantee that you will be happy with the service you receive at our clinic, if you are not we will give you your money backRead our Patient Guarantee here.

Patient Feedback

'I was suffering with pain in my neck, but after a couple of sessions with Jay the pain has gone, I wished I had gone months before when it first started instead of suffering.' * 

Oliver P, Bath, Aug 2017

'I've had back pain on and off for a while, as a professional athlete, it was putting a lot of strain on my career. I got in contact with Jay after a few failed visits at the physio.  I'm now back on the road to full time training thanks to Jay!' * 

J Lloyd, Bath, April 2017

*Disclaimer: Treatment results may vary from person to person.

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