• "Jay is a results oriented Osteopath who I highly recommend. Whether using his skills for myself or my clients, I can be sure Jay will deliver a significant improvement or complete resolution of an issue or multiple issues. Few Osteopaths in the south west can deliver, Jay Ruddock does.” M C, Bath
  • “I have had several different pains and injuries with my body over the last few years, from sports injury to severe pelvic pain during late pregnancy. I strongly urge anyone with any pain in their body to have a consultation and see if they can take that pain away for you” L G, Keynsham
  • “I sought help with a long running problem with my back and shoulder. The advice, treatment and aftercare offered has been worth its weight in gold and I continue to benefit from their expertise and knowledge even now that my current treatment program has completed” N C, Chippenham
  • “Jay put me back on my feet after a back injury that had worsened over eighteen months of other treatment. I couldn’t walk, sit or even lie down comfortably, Structural Integration (Rolf Method) was my last hope. Jay’s successful treatment outcome for this hypermobile, fibromyalgic, very unfit older woman was a miraculous feat. Thank you Jay! "  HB Malvern

  • “I have had arthritis in my knees for some time, after treatment with Jay over several weeks I am now walking pain free without a stick at a normal pace, not bad for a 72 year old. I cannot recommend Jay too highly.” AB Bathford

  • “Following treatment I have been able to complete the Bath Half Marathon and go skiing for the first time in 25 years, with no ill effect.” RP Bath

  • “Sheena has been working on my aches and pains for 3 years now. I have Parkinson's disease and her work enables me to move more freely, improves my mobility and in turn, helps me to cope with living with Parkinsons. She is always friendly and dedicated to helping me.  I can thoroughly recommend her.” JC

  • “Sheena has been paramount in fixing all manner of ailments. Having regular maintenance treatments instead of waiting for a problem to arise, has kept me in tip top condition and generally feeling in great health, physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Sheena and have even travelled 200 miles on occasions specifically for a treatment!” MM

  • “Sheena has been treating my chronic lower back, after every session my pain is reduced, my stiffness is decreased, and as a result my overall mood and happiness is significantly improved. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring treatment.”  ES

  • "We have been seeing Sheena for over two years now and find her to be very good at treating all types of muscular and back-related pain.  Sheena listens to the description of your symptoms and looks to diagnose and then treat, which she does very effectively.”  Mr T and Mrs H

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